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馬卡龍101開心果、日式焙茶Macaron 101 - Pistachio, Hojicha


Tsuen Wan, HONG KONG

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    • Duration3 Hours
    • Max group size4 people(s)
    • Languages English, Cantonese
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    在這個馬卡龍101基礎班,你會學到如何焗製輕甜的法式馬卡龍,完美的馬卡龍應該是如何皮脆餡韌,亦會親手製作開心果牛油忌廉作為餡料,並且學習利用朱古力、開心果碎去裝飾,令高貴的馬卡龍更顯不平凡。為了平衡當中的甜味,更有另一款夾心選擇 - 日式焙茶ganache(**日本焙茶是經烘焙的綠茶,味道跟抹茶有點相近,但後味較抹茶重,多了一種烘烤味道),跟馬卡龍是不錯的配搭。



    French macaron is of the most highly requested classes all time. Bake with me the traditional way and learn about the beauty and tips to perfection. We are introducing two new fillings - Pistachio buttercream and Japanese Hojicha ganache to strike a balance with the "almondy" and "sugary" sweetness of macaron itself.

    In this workshop, experienced or green bakers are all welcome. Besides learning the baking of macarons, you will also get to make your own pistachio buttercream to fill up your macarons as well as learn how to garnish your macaron with melted chocolate and ground pistachios.

    I hope you're as picky as me when it comes to a macaron shell - crispy exterior with a chewy interior! You will be also given the recipe of the hojicha ganache, another amazing filling for your macarons. (**Hojicha - Japanese roasted green tea, taste similarly to matcha, but with certain extent of roasting after-taste which is a really good match with sweet macarons)

    Max 4 people in a class. Each person can take home around 10 macarons.

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    Tsuen Wan

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