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OMIYOGA Aerial Silk Yoga - April 2017 [Tue]


Hong Kong, HONG KONG

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    • Duration1 Hour
    • Max group size10 people(s)
    • Into group [?]1 people(s)
    • Fee will be fully refunded, if the event is cancelled due to not enough participants.
    • LanguagesEnglish,Cantonese
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    With the support of soft suspended fabrics, Aerial Yoga explores and interprets classical yoga poses in an alternative way. Classes start from gentle warm up moves and basic asanas. Suspension could lengthen the spine and help on releasing tension in the body. And the muscle and body coordination could be built during the practice, which make challenging poses become easy with the fabric support.

    All classes are multi-level with different variations that from basic to challenging poses, suitable for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners.

    Classes are basically conducted in Cantonese, or also in English if there is any english-speaker.

    Address: 1/F, No.61 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
    Fee : $180

    Other information

    Naomi Chan於2007年接觸瑜珈,於2012年接受導師培訓並隨即開始教授瑜珈。她現時擁有香港瑜伽協會導師資格 (HKYA-ACI®200)、美國瑜伽專業聯盟 500小時瑜珈導師認證 (RYT® 500)、進階哈達瑜珈導師證書、瑜珈治療證書、兒童及群體瑜珈證書等。

    她主要教授哈達瑜珈、陰瑜珈、空中瑜珈、壁繩瑜珈、雙人瑜珈、兒童瑜珈以及親子瑜珈。並以瑜珈導師的身分參與不同類型的計劃、活動及接受訪問, 積極推廣瑜珈及自然療法;曾合作的單位包括香港教育大學, Adidas, Fitmind, 壹傳媒,Sportsoho... 等等。除了擁有500小時瑜珈導師資格,SRT執行師,靈氣導師及執行師資格外,她正進修瑜珈及自然療法的碩士課程, 希望多加鑽研及宣揚調息法、內觀法及音頻治療等療癒方法。她於2012年創辦 *OMIYOGA,亦同時為是Facebook專頁的編輯,分享瑜珈及健康資訊。




    Naomi first met yoga in 2007 and started her yoga teaching journey by taking her first 200-hour teacher training in 2012. She teaches Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Wall Rope Yoga, Wheel yoga, Acroyoga Yoga, Kid Yoga, Family & Community Yoga.

    As a role of Yoga Coach, she also actively participates in wide ranges of programmes, activities and interviews to promote yoga and natural therapy. Involved units include Hong Kong Institute of Education, Adidas, Fitmind, Next Digital, Sportsoho...etc.

    Beside the RYT-500 yoga teacher qualification, Naomi also obtained SRT practitioner, Reiki Master qualification and keep exploring the alternatives in natural therapy like sound healing, vipassana, pranayama and mindfulness practice. She is now pursuing her master degree in Yoga & Naturopathy and would like to share her knowledge and apply it in her yoga teaching.

    She is the founder of OMIYOGA and the blogger of the Facebook page - ‘Omiyoga & Health Journey’. *OMIYOGA is a local community group established since 2012. It concerns a lot for this city and those in need. It holds irregular yoga classes, a portion of the profit is donating to various local charities and groups.

    Welcome to reserve a private yoga lesson for individuals, groups, or companies. 

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    Hong Kong

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