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Start From Zero: BISCUIT STOOL



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    • Duration4 Hours
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    我地會預備顏料和木板,小孩子可免費Art Jamming!

    Since it started 16 years ago, Start From Zero has had a lot of exhibitions in Hong Kong and in other countries, and throughout that time it has constantly evolved its design structure. The original street stencil art developed into a clothing brand (Rat Cave), and now focuses on producing wood furniture and decor. 
    Besides producing signature furniture for brands like Vans and the new chic café Elephant Grounds, Dom is working with new companies to expand Start From Zero’s horizons. He also hosts monthly workshops at the studio, teaching people the basics of woodwork and guiding them through the creation of their own piece of furniture. 
    Pay attention and you’ll see the charm in this stool designed. The seat is roundly curved so it’s easy on the thighs. Sometimes paradoxes can be simple as this BISCUIT STOOL is appealing for its not-too-stuffy sophistication.
    Course ContentThis workshop will explain how to build a simple wooden BISCUIT STOOL, and the tools and supplies required for that project. 1. Measuring, all needed parts for BISCUIT STOOL. Remember, always measure twice and cut once! (Beginners are not allowed to cut the wood)2. Attaching3. Assembling, how to give the best support and stability for your BISCUIT STOOL.4. Finishing touchup.5. Waxing, coated with a protective oil wooden spears, make wood products more durable.
    Host Profile“Start From Zero” was founded by a Hong Kong local street artist - Dom. START stands for STreet ART, STencil ART and STicker ART. The are two meanings of “Start From Zero”:
    1. He started performing street art from nothing, i.e. “zero; I hope that when someone see my stickers, they will be like me, start doing street art from “zero”.2. It can be a slogan for encouraging people when they are unhappy, down or miserable. He also wants people to remind their friends of this slogan when the same things happen.
    Apart from using stickers, “Start From Zero” also uses wheat pastes, spraying on stencils with different characters and illustrations to convey his message on streets. “Street From Zero” does solo street art as well as collaboration street art. He is an active member of a Hong Kong Street Art crew - ST/ART.Besides performing street art, “Street From Zero” will release various products, T-shirts, badges, caps and other accessories. These are the additional media for “Start From Zero” to more widely spread his message to everyone.
    由街頭藝術以圖像、文字、Stencil、噴畫、併貼、貼紙等普渡感召,到毅然登堂入室栽進木人行列,【 Start From Zero 】貫徹由零開始沒甚麼輸不起的精神,「木」空一切投入無限創作。
    「Start From Zero 包含了 street art(街頭藝術)的意思。香港的街頭藝術是由零開始,我們希望多些人做。第二層意思是每個人、每件事,有時都要由零開始。」大抵正因為這個不解緣,令Start From Zero的作品總帶有各種絲印的圖案、標誌式的Stencil Art風味,型格十足之餘形象鮮明,難怪經常得到不同知名品牌的青睞和合作。
    課程內容BISCUIT STOOL 製作 教導基本木工知識,簡介木材、螺絲、膠漿的類別和屬性1. 量度,所有 BISCUIT STOOL 組裝件必須在切割前精確地量度好尺寸;(初學者嚴禁進行鋸木)2. 整合,準備好鑽孔、配件、工具等用來裝撳切割好的組件。3. 組裝,如何在組裝工序裡保持平衡和穩定性。利用電批等工具裝上各組件。4. 修飾,將切割或組裝時可能出現的凹凸面修復完善。5. 打蠟,為木件塗上一層保護油,令木品更耐用。
    導師簡介九年前成立的一個街頭藝術組織,由最初貼紙開始,之後伸引到stencil、wheatpaste及其他煤介,以街頭文化的型式將心中的座右銘 Start From Zero 宣揚開去!Start From Zero 有兩個含意,第一是想告訴街上的朋友自己由零開始做街頭藝術,亦希望影響到街上看到這句話的人跟我們一樣開始做各類型的街頭藝術,開始不一樣的人生!第二是 Start From Zero 是激勵語句!我們希望以街頭藝術傳播這句口號,提醒每一個人當情緒低落、覺得失落、失去目標時可以由零開始,世上沒有徹低的失敗,也沒有甚麼大不了,Start From Zero!
    四年前開始成立 Start From Zero 的服裝支線,從Tee恤、背包、帽子及各種飾物作煤體繼續宣揚由零開始訊息,在香港、中國、台灣及澳門均有發售! 

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