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Hi, I am Chris

I enjoy living in an organic way. I like to grow my own plants at my roof top farm. I always believe the philosophy that "you are what you eat", so I try to keep everything as natural as possible! I also do screen printing and repurposing old tshirts and collect vintage toys.

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  • tsz ying cheong

    職員非常有善,耐心講解,介紹不同品種的農作物,種植用的肥料和泥土,分享經驗,還有種子和農作物贈送,度過了一個充實的早上, 謝謝導賞的姐姐和有關單位的安排

    From hong ko · May 2017 @ Organic Rooftop Farming Tour
  • June Wong

    Chris 好nice. 好有耐性. 而且好有心希望作品出來完美. 很好的體驗!! 是偶然發現, 而且很臨時才安排. 可能因爲o甘沒有什麽圖可選. 如果預早book應該會更好(也許可以做些應節的主題)

    From 香港 · Feb 2017 @ (歡迎預約) 絲印 Tee 自製教室
  • Christine So

    CHRIS 種植好多好特別品種,好有耐心講解有機種植!真係學到好多野!

    From Hong Kong · Dec 2015 @ Organic Rooftop Farming Tour