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Hi, I am Cut N Carve

Fascinated by the luminescent beauty of the carved candles, Candle Alchemy has mastered their candle carving skills on their own accord which they found the process from start to end much comforting and inspiring. Candle Alchemy has now transformed their hobby into a career and has established a brand called Cut N Carve, putting “Do what you love, love what you do” into practice. Cut N Carve’s product philosophies are timeless beauty and environment protection. All candles are provided with LED lights to eliminate CO2 production and help preserve the elegant beauty of the candles of everlasting time. We live by their motto of “One at a time, handmade with Love”, and strive to resonate with their customers through the stories/messages of their candles.

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  • King Wong


    From Dec 2016 @ 聖誕手工雕刻蠟燭 Carve Your Own Christmas Candle
  • Yoyo Ma

    平時D蠟燭唔捨得點,但今次整呢個可以加燈扮點左....我可以聖誕節用啦 :joy:

    From Dec 2016 @ 聖誕手工雕刻蠟燭 Carve Your Own Christmas Candle
  • Maggie Chow

    We are very enjoy the class. Sonia and Jo were so nice, thank you.

    Dec 2016 @ 聖誕手工雕刻蠟燭 Carve Your Own Christmas Candle