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Create your own online personalised listing page

With Hosbby, you can create your listing page with a unique URL by simply filling in your event description, dates, and price, and upload photos. You can edit your content and information anytime.

Smart booking system with a payment gateway

We provide you with a simple but smart management system with a payment gateway. It can handle all your bookings while collecting your payments. You can check your participants’ contact and booking information with our clean and simple-to-use interface.

Connect with our instant messaging system

Our guests can reach out to you anytime with our instant messaging system. We will send you email notifications whenever you have received messages or enquiries.

"Our goal is to see you successful in what you love to do! Got problems? Such as planning your event, venue suggestions, creative media, etc. Get in touch with us! We are a bunch of geeks who love problem solving. "


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Our lovable customer service

Our team is always available to you! Anyone can come find us on whatsapp, facebook messenger and have a live chat! We can also help handle basic enquiries and follow up your guests to join your events.

Collect payment in advance

We know that “no shows” are disappointing. We minimise your hassle by collecting payment in advance. Guests can pay online or make a bank transfer and our team will ensure that every booking receives full payment. Plus! Our Refund and Cancellation Policy always protects your interest.

Free listing! We ensure you get paid

Listing on Hosbby is free. We take a 10% commission charge on each booking.We will pay out using your chosen method 3 working days after the event is complete.

Focus on sharing your expertise

We understand that building your own online presence while managing booking and collecting money is a hassle! So Hosbby provides a 2 in 1 solution. Our easy-to-use content and booking management system helps you handle your bookings and payment easily! It saves your precious time that you can spend on sharing your talent.

Just one click and you’re backed by our platform and support teams. So what’re you waiting for? Join Hosbby, your #1 online community marketplace.

* When you post an event, you are agreed with our Host Agreement






為減低預約放飛機的風險,Hosbby內置線上線下的收費系統會幫你事前收取款項,才會確認參加者的預約。此可以大大減低No show 情況出現。我們的取消條款政策會保障你的利益。


在Hosbby 發佈是完全免費的,我們只收取每次預訂成功的10%手續費。活動結束後三個工作天會把款項存入你的指定戶口。