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We have over 500 unique activities for corporations. Our hosts can customise special corporate events and engaging activities for your company. If you are in search of activities and ideas for team building, annual events or special occasions, we are here to offer solutions.
Besides, if you want to offer activities for your customers and promote your brand, our incredible talents from our diverse talent tool can offer interesting workshops and activities that will help boost your brands and increase the loyalty of your customers.

Private Party

Want to create more special memories on occasions like birthday, engagement, bridal shower, anniversary. Our unique activities will give you a lasting memories and cater for your budget. Come talk to us, we can help you come up with something.

Charity Events

Planning fundraising, CSR or voluntary activities? We are happy to line up interesting activities that make a positive impact. Plus, our holistic IT system provides a booking and payment system for your events and we can collect donations through our secure system.

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