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琉璃珠燒製體驗 Glass Bead Making Experience


Shek Kip Mei, HONG KONG

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Event Time

Sat, 30th Dec
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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    • Duration1 Hour
    • Max group size6 people(s)
    • Into group [?]3 people(s)
    • Fee will be fully refunded, if the event is cancelled due to not enough participants.
    • Languages English, Chinese, Cantonese
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    Glass Bead Making Experience 琉璃珠燒製體驗

    玻璃燈工,俗稱燒玻璃/玻璃燈工 (Glass Lampworking)是一種古老的熱玻璃工藝,是指以1000°C或以上的火焰把玻璃燒成液體狀,再塑造不同造型。

    Glass bead making is an ancient hot glass technique which uses high temperature flame (over 1000°C) to melt glass rods and roll it on a metal rod to form a bead. The process is commonly called lampworking or flameworking.


    This is an experiential workshop on lampworking, for participants to try out melting glass. There is no limit for number of works within class time. Suitable for 16 years or up. All torches for this workshop had been upgraded to oxygen aided torches.

    費用: $280 (包括材料及工具)
    時間: 1小時燒製,30分鐘降温/清潔珠珠/編織手繩
    Fee: $280 (incl. material and tools)
    Time: 1-hr torch time, 30-min cooling, cleaning and making leather bracelet


    Gang of 3 or more can choose to join regular class or choose your own time. Appointment is usually possible at 1100-2200 during weekdays and 1100-1800 during weekends.


    Fee includes: professional instructor, Italian glass, tools, US professional torch, kiln, etc. Limited seats, priority according to payment time.

    如果想學習其他單獨課題,請參考本工作室的燈工主題班,或者直接查詢 😃

    If you would like to learn something else, please contact us directly.

    What to expect

    陸珊老師擁有超過12年專業燈工燒製/教學經驗及多次到意大利威尼斯深造,可以靈活照顧不同階段學員進度。為威尼斯玻璃大師Lucio Bubacco琉璃珠燒製助教。

    Ms Shan Luk will be the instructor for this workshop. She had over 12 years of experience in glass lampworking/teaching and constantly enhance her skills in Murano, Italy. She was appointed as the assistant for bead making for Master Lucio Bubacco. She can definitely take care of students of different skills level.


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    Shek Kip Mei

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