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Kumi Masunaga

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百人擊鼓體驗@文化中心 Community Drum Jam at the Harbour


Tsim Sha Tsui, HONG KONG

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    • Duration1 Hour 30 Minutes
    • Max group size100 people(s)
    • Languages English
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    想跟音樂玩遊戲,一點都不難,亦不用付費,只要你想,肯踏出一步,Kumi就會陪你玩。 日裔的Kumi(增永紅實),是資深敲擊樂手,長居香港,經常到世界各地表演。 她定期在香港文化中心露天廣場出現,拿着不同的擊敲樂器和鼓,跟大家一起Drum Jam。
    最高紀錄,是過百人一起Jam音樂。震奮人心的敲擊樂聲,讓大家血脈沸騰,完全沉醉在強勁的節拍中。 別以為很難,Kumi話就算無音樂造詣,從沒學過音樂,亦不是音樂家,都能做到。 想試試接觸音樂, 跟音樂做朋友;從音樂中獲得樂趣,並發掘自己的音樂細胞,快點來報名。


    More music to the world! Take part and become a musician in our community drum jam.
    Everyone is welcome to join and play music with YOUR community!  Kumi will guide you to an invigorating rhythmic journey. Free admission.
    It is designed for people of all ages and back ground regardless of music abilities/experience. Let's have FUN making music together!!
    Drums and percussion instruments provided. No musical experience necessary. Feel free to join in the jam!!
    It's a 2-min walk on water front from the big clock tower by Star Ferry, TST.


    What to expect


    Free admission 
    No prior experience necessary.
    All ages and levels are welcome.
    Kumi and its team will lead you to a sensational rhythic journey. 


    Other information


    **Please come 10-15 minutes earlier
    If you doubt of weather, message Kumi here


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    Tsim Sha Tsui

Latest event reviews




Overall Experience5


    Its a fun and memorable experience I am always interested on learning African drums but don't know where can i try The event is actually 1st come 1st serve, so go there and queue earlier is enough, no need to reg. in hosbby Looking forward to the event next month Thank you!

    Mar 2017
  • ivy chow

    Kumi is very enthusiastic and passionate. Love the atmosphere she creates. It'd be better if there are some guidelines on the proper way to play the drum without hurting your hands. Overall, it's a memorable experience that I would recommend!

    Feb 2017
  • Nicole Choi

    Kumi 同另一個黑人哥哥好好,令我同朋友都玩得好放 :)

    From Jan 2017
  • Crystal Choi

    當日去到好多人,好有氣氛! 不過我建議早D到可以坐前D

    Jan 2017
  • Minnie Chu

    好好玩,唔夠候呀 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 識左幾個唔同國藉既朋友,約左下次再出黎Jam過 :joy:

    From Jan 2017
  • Kevin Sze

    has attended the event

    From 九龍黃大仙區 · May 2017
  • Crystal

    has attended the event

    Feb 2017
  • Lisa Chen

    has attended the event

    Dec 2016
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