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Hi, I am Dotted Collective

Dotted Collective 創作概念就是不斷發掘新的點子(idea)並將它們以不同的角度連接起來,從而創作出全新的設計、想法和知識,然後融合到我們的手作作品當中。我們位於銅鑼灣的工作室經常舉辦不同的Workshop,希望通過與客人的交流和分享,一同體驗手作的樂趣與驚喜。 除了在銅鑼灣本店定期舉辦各類手作班,我們還接受各類型公司開班委託,提供上門教授服務,到貴公司、會所或指定場所教班。公司合作班上課時間靈活,課堂安排自由富彈性,教授語言廣東話或英語均可,能切合不同客戶需要。客戶只需提供場地, 我們將度身訂造最適合閣下的個性化課程,並妥善準備興趣班的工具和物料,助您輕輕鬆鬆安排各種員工節日活動。 我們現獲恆生銀行委託每月開班授課,同時亦曾與其他大型機構合作開辦天氣預測瓶、皮革、手工蠟燭、書法、篆刻等專業手工藝班,包括匯豐銀行、潮流品牌Timberland,美容時尚平台,香港中華基督教青年會YMCA等等。

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  • Philip Chan



    Instructor was very friendly, helpful, informative! Gave us lots of suggestions and pointers, and help with each step. He explained in details, and instructions were very simple to follow.


    Staffs are nice, friendly, helpful and polite. I have joined the class on 16th, however, I got sick on that day which made me not show up. Dotted is kindly to rearrange the other date for me. I'm very appreciated. Both tutors were nice for the workshop, me and my friend were enjoy a lot. Just a bit expensive and the wrong booth No. have been show in the email(Booth should be E11,12, however, email show E6), everything is great.