Grace Ko
獨立創作人 based in Hong Kong

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English ,Chinese ,Cantonese


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Hi, I am Grace

We love art & our earth

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  • Fiona Ho

    Dear Grace, Thank you for your patience to an art idiot like me. I am not talented in art at all and cannot sit still for more than 10 mins, haha. My friend was very happy when she received the gift. Thank you again for your help :)

    Sep 2017 @ 玻璃彩繪2天課程---優惠~火炭上課或上門(車費另議),歡迎詢問其他時間
  • Lucy


  • Mandy Chan

    隻杯係第一堂嘅,估唔到學到上色技巧之餘,仲學到畫花技巧,有意外收獲! 多謝導師,下次會再嚟!

    From Hong Kong · Jul 2017 @ 玻璃彩繪2天課程---優惠~火炭上課或上門(車費另議),歡迎詢問其他時間