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Photographer based in Hong Kong

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Hi, I am Cat

Photographer, artist, print maker.

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  • YAN Wong

    很高興可以與不同的朋友參加今次工作坊,都是首次獨自去學習新事物,感覺好像開始多一個機會認識自己。亦十分多謝Cat的有趣教學,一d都唔Hea. 果然藍曬係易學難精,期待下次有進階工作坊。

  • Vanessa

    導師 Cat 講解詳細,富幽默感,令工作坊氣氛良好,參與的同事都十分愉快。製成品亦相當精美,非常推薦大家以個人或包班形式參與! Cat was professional and prepared very well for the workshop. He was also very humourous so everyone was really having fun. The cyanotype postcards were unique and beautiful. Highly recommended for individual experience or corporate workshop!

  • iris