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Hi, I am Toffee Studio

- Based in Hong Kong, Since 2014 - Dreamcatcher is a symbol of dream chase in my view. 🌟 Let's discover our dreams and pursue them together! 因個人興趣而於2014年創立之香港手作品牌。 藉著自創押花捕夢網和卡通人物,呈現花朵的百變形態和獨特風格。既優雅脫俗、也有可愛佻皮的一面,只要您想到的都有可能實現。 另外,以自己的繪畫製成不同的印刷品,當中以水彩動物畫為主。 A brand of handmade products from Hong Kong started out from hobbies since 2014. Pressed flower dreamcatcher and cartoon characters are my original and signature designs. Flowers are presented not only in an elegant way, but can also be cute and funny, just like everything in the universe is changeable. Illustration products are my other product line besides pressed flowers. Animals’ watercolour paintings are the major theme.

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